Kawartha Settlers’ Village Summer Camps

Settlers’ Camp

Each summer Kawartha Settlers’ Village hosts a week-long summer day camp for children aged 6-10. The camp is focused on introducing children to the life and times of our ancestors through encouraging them to participate in pioneer activities and chores. The goal of this program is to promote local history and create an exciting atmosphere where children can experience a hands-on approach to learning about their history.

Throughout the course of the week, children are able to participate in various activities including a full tour of Kawartha Settlers’ Village, arts and crafts, hands-on activities such as baking bread and making butter, demonstrations such as shearing sheep, and more. By the end of the week, children will have experienced a brief glimpse of 19th-century life, as well as activities and processes that were considered ‘everyday’ 100+ years ago, but are potentially obsolete today. Children will be able to sample and take home the crafts and goodies that they assist in creating.

Children are encouraged to wear period dress and come willing to learn and participate in the various events.


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Art Camp

Suitable for children aged 10-14, this camp focuses on utilizing paints, pastels, pencils, charcoal, paper mache, and other sculpting materials. Games, skills training, drills, and contests all add up to an exciting week of camp. This camp will be taught by Ellen Dumas, B.S. in Elem. Ed./Visual Arts Specialist.