Duggan House

Henderson House.JPG

John and Ellen Duggan came to Canada with three daughters in 1835. After renting a homestead farm for a period of time, they purchased this house in 1851 for approximately $400. Their main crops included wheat, peas, potatoes and oats and they kept cattle, sheep, horses and pigs.

In the 1860’s the Duggans purchased the adjacent lot and farmed there as well, while continuing to live in the 1 1/2 storey log house that John had built. Eventually, the family built a new home on the property to house their 13 children and their log cabin was used to house hired hands. The old 1 1/2 storey log cabin was donated to Kawartha Settlers’ Village and is maintained by the friends of Duggan house, who continue to work on the restoration.

Architectural Design: The most interesting and rare feature is the pantry door which appears to be four boards together. However, when the door is opened, it is revealed to be one piece of wood which is made to look like several boards.

Megan Barton