Art Festival & Show

Art Festiva
l & Show – July 4th & 5th  

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     A unique festival where multimedia artwork was displayed and for sale against a back drop of artifacts and heritage buildings. This years art show featured over 20 artists selling an assortment of mediums including glass art, paintings, pottery, metal work and more. Other highlights of the event include children’s art classes and entertainment provided by Sean Whalen and Kelly Burrows.  Visit this years pictures.

2015 Showcase Artist  
     Pic of Wayne27 years ago, the Bobcaygeon Village Workshop Group operated out of the Henderson House, which was located on Front St.  Though the Bobcaygeon Council recognized the value of the artists, they began preparation for the demolition of the Henderson House as the land the House was on was being turned into a green space.  It was here that the Bobcaygeon Village Workshop Group and another group of individuals wishing to preserves the areas history joined forces.  In October 1990, Kawartha Settlers’ Village was established and the Henderson House was moved to the old Murphy property. The Bobcaygeon Village Workshop Group was also renamed The Settlers’ Village Artists. 

     In honour of our 25th anniversary and because of the connection of art and KSV, we were pleased to have Wayne Moore as our 2015 Showcase Artist.  Mr. Moore started in the litho/printing trade, press room, camera, film assembly for packaging, books, advertizing etc.  He retired at the age of 52 as a commercial artist in signage and billboards.  Mr. Moore is a self taught artist whose work can be seen in many private collections.  

                                           Wayne Moore 1 (2) Wayne Moore 1 (1)

2015 Featured Artists: 

The Art Festival was established in 2005 and until 2012 was presented by the members of the Settlers’ Village Artists group which was formed in the early 1990’s.  

SHOW MISSION STATEMENT: To celebrate art in the form of watercolour, oil, acrylic, pencil, charcoal, chalk, fine collage paintings and other forms of art such as sculpture, carving, pottery, stained glass.  The Festival is established to present these works to the public for viewing and for sale.

VILLAGE VENUE SUPPORT: The blend of art and heritage is very important and unique to this Festival, and so we ask that artists and customers appreciate and respect the beauty of this event.

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